Washington Internist Sees Good Results in Diabetics Eating Paleo-Style

Dr. Stephan Guyenet recently interviewed Dr. C. Vicky Beer about her experience with the paleo diet in her patients, diabetic or not.  Dr. Beer commented about people with diabetes specifically:

Every patient I have ever had with diabetes who has adhered to the paleo diet for most of the time has experienced dramatic results.  Every one of them has been able to reduce their blood sugars and reduce their medications significantly, and in some instances, stop their medicine altogether.  This is not unlike other more known popular diets such as South Beach or Zone, which are actually quite similar to the Paleo diet in composition.

Just thought you might like to know.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: When I write “paleo diet,” you could substitute Old Stone Age, Stone Age, or caveman diet.

One response to “Washington Internist Sees Good Results in Diabetics Eating Paleo-Style

  1. I wonder what the compliance rate is. I’ve noticed a lot more docs starting to move to coached/supervised weight loss programs via things like medifast and the like. I wonder if any have started paleo/low carb active monitoring programs.