Week 1 Recap of the Parker Paleo Diet Trial

I really didn’t need all that meat, but I ate it anyway

It’s going well.  No adverse effects.  Pretty easy to follow.

A prior post outlines the paleo diet version I’m following.  It’s a little more hardcore or purist than some of the others you’ll see.

Only two transgressions.  I absentmindedly drank a diet Coke and I purposefully ate four bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeño peppers that held a little cheese.  The peppers were too hot for anyone else at home and I couldn’t stand to see them go to waste.

I’ve been working a string of 12-hour shifts.  My wife has cooked my meals; I eat one hot and fresh, and take the leftovers to the hospital for my mid-shift meal.  So two meals a day.

I’m not doing this to lose weight, but I’m down to 169.5 lb, a loss of 1.5 lb in one week.  I think the loss is real, not reflecting my state of hydration or contents of bladder and bowels.

This is fun.


PS: The paleo diet is also known as the Paleolithic, Stone Age, Old Stone Age, hunter-gatherer, or caveman diet.

Sirloin steak, salad, cantaloupe, 3 raspberries

Pan-fried chicken and vegetables

My wife heats these in the microwave for five minutes then sautees them in olive oil with garlic slices

Thick chicken breasts sliced down the middle and opened up like a clam to reduce cooking time

Only $3.50 (USD) for the whole bag at Sam’s Club

One response to “Week 1 Recap of the Parker Paleo Diet Trial

  1. I think I actually prefer “Stone Age Diet” to “Paleolithic”. Stone Age Diet was the term originally used by the Doctors who first prescribed this way of eating in the 50s and 60s. It implies being a bit less obsessive about the conflicting evidence from the archeological and anthropological mosaic than is currently the case.