Dr. Emily Deans Reports on the Physicians and Ancestral Health Meeting

Details are here.  A sample:

I spent last weekend in Utah meeting up with my sisters and brothers of the Physician and Ancestral Health organization. We’re a group of clinical medicine doctors from all sorts of specialities (though psychiatry is overrepresented, perhaps not surprisingly) who are trying to find safe and evidenced-based ways to integrate evolutionary medicine into our clinical practice. We come together for support, ideas, and friendship (because who else wants to talk about ketones, statins, functional movement, research, websites, canola oil, and the latest paleo diet research?)

I think we are the nascent group (who met for the first time at PaleoFx12 and reaffirmed our friendship at AHS12) for a big upcoming movement in medicine. Personally I would like to see a lot more attention paid to evolutionary medicine, specifically with regards to diet*, exercise, sleep, parasites, and other interesting, cheap, and probably very effective interventions for a variety of modern complaints such as squat toilets and forest therapy. 

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