Meet The Paleo Hygienist

I just discovered Debbie the Paleo Hygienist and thought you might be interested. Debbie had left a comment at Dr. Cate’s blog post on flossing (Dr. Cate’s NOT a flosser). From Debbie’s “About” page:

I created this website, for both dental professionals and patients, to discuss oral health issues from a holistic health/nutrition/Paleo perspective.  After discovering and converting to a Paleo diet, I believe it is the optimal diet for oral and systemic health.  My overall goal is to bring fresh ideas to the table to spur new ways of thinking when it comes to the dental-systemic health connection, which I feel is much needed in our industry.

After obtaining my dental hygiene degree from Clark College in Vancouver, WA I started out in general dentistry, but soon moved to a periodontal practice where I have been a periodontal hygienist since early 2008.  Prior to dental hygiene, I obtained my BS degree in Community Health Education with a minor in Anthropology from Western Washington University.  I have always been passionate about health and nutrition and this site is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my knowledge of oral health with my passion for nutrition in order to help others achieve not only optimal oral health, but overall health as well!

Debbie is one of the most intellectual and science-oriented dental hygienists I’ve ever run across. I hope you benefit from her expertise.


PS: I still floss. My wife doesn’t, but uses a water-jet device that may be just as good, assuming flossing’s good. She had a close friend die of endocarditis, and one of the doctors on the case speculated suggested that flossing was the cause.

One response to “Meet The Paleo Hygienist

  1. ThePaleoHygienist

    Thanks for the endorsement, Steve! I’m looking forward to checking out your site as well!

    As for endocarditis, anything that causes the gums to bleed can put a person suseptible to endocarditis at risk, including eating. But I highly endorse the water-pik or water-flosser devices and see patients with great results using them!