T1 Diabetic In Pacific Northwest Adopts Paleo Lifestyle

Check out Intrepid Pioneer, an anonymous T1 diabetic who was diagnosed in his 30s. He has a strong interest in fishing, hunting, foraging, and other outdoorsy stuff.

He blogged about his Whole30 challenge.

One response to “T1 Diabetic In Pacific Northwest Adopts Paleo Lifestyle

  1. Thanks for the highlight, I should also mention that my #paleoproject is really starting to get some traction, we are still looking for more participants who would be interested in submitting 9 recipes (7 dinners & 2 breakfasts) and one condensed shopping list for their week’s worth of meals. In return they will receive the others weeks and end up with 1 year of recipes and grocery lists, making living Paleo/Whole30 much easier. I found the greatest challenge was planning. My times of weakness and cheats was totally due to a lack of a food plan. For more info check out: http://t.co/vceY8kMQzW