QOTD: James Fell on Weight Loss and Cooking

If you want to lose weight you need to cook. Period.

James Fell

9 responses to “QOTD: James Fell on Weight Loss and Cooking

  1. Especially so if you want to do it cutting carbs. Can be challenging especially for me, a 63 year old male with no cooking experience. But there is a ton of online resources and Google is your friend. Many books coming out now too. I like turnips now…miraculous. Actually, if properly prepared, they are a perfect substitute for the ubiquitous, high carb potato.

    • Hey, Frank.
      You might want to check out Darrin Carlson’s blog, The Guy Can Cook. Great info on basic cooking skills and equipment.
      I didn’t grow up with turnips, so not very familiar. Looked up on NutritionData: 100 g of raw potato has 18 g carb compared to 6 g in raw turnip. Thanks for the tip!

      • Thanks Dr. parker!

      • BTW, I added turnips to the Paleobetic diet, thanks to you. Already had turnip greens on it. I’m working on a Paleobetic diet daily log and shopping list; should post them here within a month.

      • Dr. Parker…I’ll keep an eye out. Turnips are perfect in turkey and chicken soups and beef stews. And I recently tried radishes in a beef stew that also cooks into a mild potato/like substitute. A low carb blogger suggested it. I recently had a check up and my a1c is at 5.4 and lipids are well within normal so higher fat/low carb really does work. I was worried about the higher fat intake but they don’t skyrocket if you do the diet correctly. My GP, affiliated with university of michigan STILL says I must be on statins…lipids still too high as a diabetic! Going to get a second opinion or just take a milder statin a couple times a week…Pravachor. Wish I could have an appointment with you but so far…I have family in Denver but don’t get down your way.

      • Thanks for the recipe ideas, Frank. I love that Hgb A1c!
        I think too many folks are taking statin drugs, but of course I can’t comment on specific cases unless we’ve established a patient-physician relationship in person. As a full-time hospitalist, I’m not set up to do office consultations. So my patients have to be admitted to the hospital to see me. GPs are under tremendous pressure to “get with the guidelines” even if they aren’t fully on board with them.

      • Thanks Dr. Parker! I thoroughly enjoy your posts and books…bought your first one way back when from you directly…

  2. I do worry about GPs affiliated with a major university institution as mine is. I don’t know but I suspect there’s an even greater impetus to follow established procedures and approaches: a type 2 diabetic MUST be given statins, period, without regard to current health status. And I have NO family history of heart disease whatsoever. Just seems odd to me that what many say is sketchy research results on the true value of statins trumps everything else including current health and family health history. I’m not a conspiracist but I do wonder about the role of drug companies in all of this and there’s a lot of strange critical attacks on them on the internet.

    • Dr. Briffa is a bit of a statin skeptic, like me. He has a good blog that you’ve probably visited. Lots of posts from him recently on the over-use of statins.