Another Paleo Diet Success Story For a Type 1 Diabetic

The Joslin Diabetes Blog has details. Lindsay Swanson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 25. Her initial interest was spurred by years of undiagnosed gastrointestinal issues. She eased into the Paleolithic diet by sequentially eliminating certain food classes, starting with grains, then soy, then legumes. As she did, she felt increasingly better. Lindsay eats few refined carbohydrates. My sense is she doesn’t require much insulin. A quote:

Much to my surprise, my blood sugars completely leveled out, so much so that I rarely need to treat a low blood sugar, and spikes are few and far between….Probably 75 percent of my diet consists of vegetables and plant based food, some with more carbohydrates depending on my activity level. I eat a lot of fat/protein regularly, examples: avocados, coconut oil (in tea and cooking), grassfed meats, bacon (and the reserved fat), oils, nuts, etc.


2 responses to “Another Paleo Diet Success Story For a Type 1 Diabetic

  1. Thanks for this link. That us really interesting what she says about the levelling out of blood sugars. I do lchf and have found exactly the same thing. As a type 1 diabetic my peaks are now 8 but mostly less. My lows very rarely below 4. It gives amazing peace of mind and I feel great without the mood swings associated with lows. Now I’m just a grumpy person not a hypo ing one. Thanks again.