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I started this blog four years ago as an exploration of the Paleolithic diet as a therapeutic option in diabetes and prediabetes. Scientific studies from Ryberg (2013), Mellberg (2014), Boers (2014), and Masharani (2015) have convinced me that the paleo diet indeed has true potential to improve these conditions.

A couple years ago I published a bare-bones preliminary version of the Paleobetic Diet. Here’s an outline. I just finished a comprehensive fleshed-out version in book format.

The central idea is to control blood sugars and eliminate or reduce diabetes drugs by working with Nature, not against her. This is the first-ever Paleolithic-style diet created specifically for people with diabetes and prediabetes.

Also known as the caveman, Stone Age, paleo, or ancestral diet, the Paleolithic diet provides the foods our bodies were originally designed to thrive on. You’ll not find the foods that cause modern diseases of civilization, such as concentrated refined sugars and grains, industrial seed oils, and over-processed Franken-foods. Our ancestors just five generations ago wouldn’t recognize many of the everyday foods that are harming us now. On the Paleolithic diet, you’ll enjoy a great variety of food, including nuts and seeds, vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, and eggs.

In the book you’ll find one week of meal plans to get you started, plus additional special recipes. Meals are quick and easy to prepare with common ingredients. You’ll find detailed nutritional analysis of each meal, including carbohydrate grams.

All measurements are given in both U.S. customary and metric units. Blood glucose values are provided as both mmol/l and mg/dl. Also included is information and advice on exercise, weight loss, all 12 classes of diabetes drugs, management of hypoglycemia, and recommended drug dose adjustments. All recipes are gluten-free.


Availability and Formats

You’ll find Paleobetic Diet at all major online bookstores. For example, Amazon (290-page paperback book in U.S.), Kindle ebook, and multiple ebook formats at Smashwords.

If you have diabetes or prediabetes, please give this program careful consideration. Help me spread the word if you know someone else who might benefit. Thank you.

Steve Parker, M.D.

3 responses to “Paleobetic Diet Book Now Available

  1. Steve, I didn’t know you were writing this book. I am ordering it through kindle. I wish you great success with it and know that it is exactly the right advice that I need as I already have had great success with the paleo diet and balancing T2D. Thank You for your effort. Billy

    • Good to hear from you, Billy. I read your blog regularly and recommend it to my readers here. You probably could have written most of that book yourself! Maybe the drug review will be new to you, plus the recipes. One of my problems with the existing paleo diet books is that few of them provide nutritional analysis of their recipes, which carbohydrate-counters need.

      • I agree. Many in the Paleo community are recognizing that starches really were part of many of the cultures of of the Paleolithic Era. I know that trying out intermittent fasting was a great tool for many reasons, it was something that couldn’t be maintained every day. Carbohydrates really are a part of a proper diet when eaten in their natural form like tubers, but even with that they have to be eaten in balance with other foods like dark green leafy vegetables and meats. And you are right there is very little information in most of the books I have read that show much support for these macronutrients.