Sleep duration and health outcomes in children and adolescents

Paleobetic diet

Probably needs 8 hours a night, if not more. And why is the light on?!

One of my children just finished high school and the other graduated two years ago. I thought both of them were terribly sleep-deprived by their school obligations.

A quote from Obesity Panacea blog:

“Sleep is an essential component of healthy development and is needed for mental and physical health. However, sleep deprivation has become common in modern societies with 24/7 availabilities of commodities and technologies. School-aged children and adolescents generally sleep less now compared with decades ago, with the greatest rate of decline in sleep occurring for adolescents and on school days. Factors responsible for this decline in sleep duration are numerous and include late-night screen time, caffeine use, extracurricular activities, artificial light, and no bedtime rules in the household. It is increasingly accepted that sleep should be taken more seriously by the public health community, i.e. given as much attention and resources as nutrition and physical activity.”

Source: Sleep duration and health outcomes in children and adolescents | Obesity Panacea

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