Living at Higher Altitude May Prolong Life

Adult life is a battle against gravity. Eventually we all lose.

Adult life is a battle against gravity. Eventually we all lose.

From P.D. Mangan:

“Death rates from both of these cancers [breast in women, colon in men] were about half as high at an altitude of greater than 1000 meters (3300 feet).  The study also found about a 30% reduction in deaths from coronary artery disease at >1000 meters.

This accords well with a number of other studies. For example, “Lower Mortality From Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke at Higher Altitudes in Switzerland“. This study found 22% less heart disease death for every +1000 meters in altitude, and 12% less stroke death.

Association Between Alzheimer Dementia Mortality Rate and Altitude in California Counties“: This study found about half the death rate from Alzheimer’s at an altitude of 1600 meters vs that at sea level.

There’s less diabetes at high altitude.”

Source: Higher Altitude Means Much Lower Death Rates – Rogue Health and Fitness


2 responses to “Living at Higher Altitude May Prolong Life

  1. Hi Steve,

    Could it be that living in higher altitudes means we get more sunshine and hence more vitamin d.

    Deficiency in vitamin d correlates with higher iso for cancers, heart disease and Alzheimers.

    Vitamin d also improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin as well thus rducing the risk of insulin resistance (precursor to type 2 diabetes).