Increase Protein Consumption to Help With Weight Loss

Sous vide chicken and sautéed sugar snap peas. Chicken is a good source of high biologic value protein.

P.D. Mangan makes an argument for high-protein diets for those hoping to shed pounds of fat:

In humans, data collected from 38 different trials of food consumption that used widely varying intakes of protein, from 8 to 54% of energy, showed: “Percent dietary protein was negatively associated with total energy intake (F = 6.9, P < 0.0001) irrespective of whether carbohydrate (F = 0, P = 0.7) or fat (F = 0, P = 0.5) were the diluents of protein. The analysis strongly supports a role for protein leverage in lean, overweight and obese humans.”

In obese humans, substitution of carbohydrate with protein leads to far greater weight loss, nearly twice as much.

In a human trial, decreasing the percentage of protein in food from 15% to 10% led to increased calorie intake of 12%. However, increasing the protein percentage from 15 to 25% did not affect calorie intake, which shows that humans may target a certain amount of protein, and eat no more or less when they get it.

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Source: Higher Protein for Greater Weight Loss – Rogue Health and Fitness

2 responses to “Increase Protein Consumption to Help With Weight Loss

  1. Eating Paleo helped me lose 55 pounds, get off all but 1 diabetic-related med! My problem that I cannot find an answer to is I have lost the weight with ease but I didn’t weight train or exercise of any kind and I have lost so much muscle that my skin is loose and wrinkly, and people are worried about me saying I look emaciated. I do not have any eating disorders. I just don’t know how to GAIN MUSCLE back and gain healthy weight. I am a 58-year-old female, 5’10”, 144 lbs. Please do you have any guidance as what I can utilize to start towards my goal of muscle? Strong, beautiful muscle, at that! I eat protein every meal and I usually don’t eat many carbs as to keep my blood glucose low. BUT I have been known to give in and wolf down some/many processed carbs. I have done the 21-Day Sugar Detox with great success in killing the sugar monster, but 6 months down the road, I greeted the monster. I just need some guidance on how to start building muscle. I do hope you have the time to comment.
    Thank you for your valuable time!