Weight Training Rather Than Aerobics Is Better for Heart Health


“Lifting weights is healthier for the heart than going for a run or a walk, new research has found.Scientists looking at the health records of more than 4,000 people have concluded that, while both forms of exercise reduce the risk of developing heart disease, static activities such as weight lifting or press-ups have a greater effect than an equivalent amount of dynamic exercise such as running, walking or cycling.

The research challenges commonly held assumption that so-called “cardiovascular” pursuits like running are of greatest benefit to the heart.”

Source: Weight lifting better for heart health than running, new study finds

I like these findings, but wonder if they can be replicated.

2 responses to “Weight Training Rather Than Aerobics Is Better for Heart Health

  1. My interest in exercise has never been as much to do explicitly with heart health. That is because I haven’t had any heart health conditions, other than having gained some extra weight for a few years before dropping back down again.

    The main issue for me has been mental health, specifically depression. I do weightlifting for general health. But I’ve found only aerobic exercise does any good for my depression. And research has found the same effect in others. Also, it does wonders for my sense of energy. That is maybe related to increasing lung capacity. I’ve noticed a relationship between lung capacity and mood. When I’m depressed and haven’t exercised in a while, my chest feels constricted and I breathe shallowly.

    Considering how widespread are mental health issues, in particular depression, there is great potential benefit for anyone in doing aerobic exercise. But it isn’t necessarily relevant to heart health. So, if your mental health is great and your only concern is heart health, then maybe it would be wise to prioritize weightlifting. That is with the caveat of research replicability.