Are Falling Testosterone Levels Related to Modern Lifestyles?

Ilana Mercer reminded me that testosterone levels in men have been falling for the last several decades. It’s unclear why. May be related to pollution, overweight and obesity, or decreased incidence of smoking. Not mentioned by Ilana is the dramatic drop in sperm counts.

From Ilana:

It is very possible, even likely, that the feminization of society over the past 20 to 30 years is changing males, body and mind. It is very possible that the subliminal stress involved in sublimating one’s essential nature is producing less manly men.

Consider: When they are not twerking tush with transexuals, today’s tykes are required to hack their way through page-turners like One Dad Two Dads Brown Dad Blue Dads. Boyhood today also means BB guns and “bang-bang you’re dead” are banned.

Boys are hardwired for competition; the contemporary school enforces cooperation. Boys like to stand out. But team-work obsessed, mediocre, mostly female school teachers teach them to fade into the background. Boys thrive in more disciplined, structured learning environments; the American school system is synonymous with letting it all hang out.

Sons are more likely to be raised without male mentors, since moms, in the last few decades, are more inclined to divorce (and get custody), never marry, or bear children out of wedlock. The schools have been emptied of manly men and staffed by feminists, mostly lacking in the Y chromosome. Although boys (and girls) require discipline, the rare disciplinarian risks parent-driven litigation.

Steve Parker, M.D.

2 responses to “Are Falling Testosterone Levels Related to Modern Lifestyles?

  1. Well as I’m bald maybe I could do with lower levels of testosterone.

    Seriously though at one time it was suggested that too tight underpants might be the culprit as it raised the temperature level of semen in the testicles.

    I can’t see how the feminisation of man could have any effect on sperm count

    Mind you a decline in fertility is no bad things as it could be argued that overpopulation is a driver in Anthropogenic Global Warming from the simple fact that more humans = more carbon dioxide expelled to all the pollution caused by human overpopulation.

    Has anyone done a study of decline in fertility rates in the past?