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Paleo Orthodontics: Dr. Mike Mew

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Orthodontist Mike Mew, BDS, MSc, did a presentation at Ancestral Health Symposium-2012 titled “Craniofacial Dystrophy—Modern Melting Faces.” Don’t let the title scare you off.

He says 30% of folks in Western populations have crooked teeth and/or malocclusion, and the mainstream orthodontic community doesn’t know why.  But they’ve got treatment for it!  Dr. Mew thinks he knows the cause and he shared it at the AHS-2012.  The  simple cure is “Teeth together.  Lips together.  Tongue on the roof of your mouth.”  And eat hard food.  Ideally in childhood before age 9.  Older people also benefit, he says.

I have no idea whether Dr. Mew is right or not.

I couldn’t get the video embedded here.  You can see it at The Paleo Periodical.

h/t PaleoPeriodical