UCSF Investigating Paleolithic Diet for Diabetics

A May, 2010, press release from University of California San Francisco outlines the university’s research into use of the Paleolithic diet (aka Stone Age or caveman diet) for people with type 2 diabetes.  From the press release:

The initial research findings are striking. Without losing weight, participants in a preliminary study improved blood sugar control, blood pressure control and blood vessel elasticity. They lowered levels of blood fats such as cholesterol. And most amazingly, participants achieved these results in less than three weeks — simply by switching to a Paleolithic diet.

The lead researchers are nephrologist Lynda Frassetto and endocrinologist Umesh Masharani.  Frassetto and team had previously looked at metabolic improvements linked to the paleo diet.

We await publication of their current findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Steve Parker, M.D.

3 responses to “UCSF Investigating Paleolithic Diet for Diabetics

  1. Great Blog. I am a physician with 2 (yes 2) type I diabetic children. I support your work, and I will keep reading. Keep us the excellent work Dr. Parker.

  2. Thanks, Dr. Ostric. Work in this area is in its infancy, as I’m sure you’re aware. The patients are leading the doctors and scientists at this point.

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