Week 3 Recap of the Parker Paleo Diet Trial

Still going well.

Raw oysters qualify as paleo

Weight is down to 165 lb compared to 166 a week ago—not a reliable or significant difference.  Again, I’m not in this for weight loss, but wouldn’t mind losing another five pounds.

Transgressions?  You bet.  I was off my usual schedule, being out of town for the funeral of my favorite aunt in Baytown, TX.  I had a small praline (pure sugar and pecans), a small tamale (cornmeal), and four oysters breaded with flour and fried in industrial seed oil.  I passed on the carrot cake my two dinner mates shared.

Eating paleo at restaurants on the road is fairly easy, especially if supplemented by the nuts and fresh fruit I travel with.  We had breakfast at Denny’s in Corsicana, TX, and I was amazed at how many of the menu items incorporated cheese.  I loved hearing that Texas, “How ya’ll doin’?”

I’ll not do more weekly recaps until I have something interesting to say.  I’m planning to cheat on the diet for 24 hours around Thanksgiving holiday, and at least once I’ll get a pumpkin Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  It’s a very thick milk shake.


Update October 31, 2012

Dairy Queen pumpkin pie Blizzard: 780 calories, 116 g of digestible carbohydrate. That’s more calories than many of my meals.

Update November 8, 2012

Weight 168 lb.

Update November 14, 2012

Weight 165.5 lb.  Only a few transgressions. I miss sugar, as in cinnamon rolls, cookies, and pies.

Update November 19, 2012

Weight 164 lb.

Update November 21, 2012

Weight 162 lb.

Update November 22, 2012

Weight 165 lb.

Update December 3, 2012

Weight 165 lb (had been up to 167 in last week after Thanksgiving pies)

Update December 6, 2012

Weight 164 lb

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