Dr. Emily Deans Has More on Orthorexia

Part II from earlier today.  An excerpt:

I don’t want my children to grow up neurotic about food. On the other hand, when you look at the advertisements and the grocery stores and the incentives out there, popular kid food is pretty wretched, processed, sugary, blue gooey crap. Kids have growing brains and bodies and need appropriate nutrition to fuel that growth.

Amen, sister.

One response to “Dr. Emily Deans Has More on Orthorexia

  1. I think it is impossible and counterproductive to isolate your children from the environment. The best thing we could do is creating healthy home environment and keeping an attitude that wretched, processed and sugary food is just something of poor quality and sub-optimal, however not poisonous . Our job as parents is preparing our children to live in the environment, not to shield them from life complitely .