Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., Recommends Against Stevia

See her pertinent post, an excerpt from her book.

I’m not convinced, but readily admit I’ve not studied the issue in detail.  I’ve got a raging sweet tooth, so maybe I’m biased.  Is Dr. Ballantyne’s proscription of stevia another over-application of the Precautionary Principle?


h/t Aglaée Jacobs, RD (twitter: @aglaee_paleoRD)

3 responses to “Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., Recommends Against Stevia

  1. Seriously, what is not a poison? Oxygen is toxic and so is water. Besides, you have to die of something. I get what she is saying, but really, if you look at anything closely enough, you can get scared of the ingredients.

  2. Her main concern seems to be possible effects on fertility. Sounds tenuous and what’s the age distribution ratio for type 2 diabetes? I wonder if a large proportion of type 2 patients would have little concern about fertility due to their age and would derive a greater benefit from Stevia in controllong their sugar consumption versus risks to fertility?