Paleo Diet Movement Reminiscent of “Physical Culture” From a Century Ago

Here’s an excerpt from NPR:

Consider this quote: “It is reasonably certain that man was originally made to live and exercise in the open air, bathe in rivers, and expose his body to the healthful action of the sun.”

And this one:

“Civilized man is manufacturing and eating many substances that slowly but surely lead to degeneration, disease and premature death.”

These nuggets could easily come from a paleo lifestyle blog, the kind that argues our modern diet and way of life are making us sick.

Except that the first one is from an 1894 book called Athletics for Physical Culture. And the second is from a 1926 book called Natural Foods: The Safe Way to Health.

Both were written by proponents of physical culture, a fringy movement of health enthusiasts, which lasted from the 1880s to 1920s in the U.S. and Europe.

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