Another Study Links Diabetes and Prediabetes With Alzheimer’s Dementia

…according to an article at MedPageToday. A cohort of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s were found to have unexpectedly high rates of impaired glucose tolerance or outright type 2 diabetes. We don’t know for sure if impaired glucose metabolism is a cause of dementia, or if some other factor links the two conditions. Until we have that answer, if I had impaired glucose metabolism, I’d work to improve it with loss of excess weight, exercise, and low-carb eating.

Here’s another article I wrote wondering if diabetes causes dementia.

2 responses to “Another Study Links Diabetes and Prediabetes With Alzheimer’s Dementia

  1. Jane Alise Lenzen

    Hello Steve, I wrote my first paper on this subject last year because I had noticed (with my clients and others over the years) a connection with cognitive problems and sensitivity to CHO’s, all done through an extensive questionniare. Blood work is useless, in my opinion, unless a 4 – 5 hr GTT is performed. Anyway, I’m sending it to you. Most would find it boring, but you may find something of interest in it, or you may not! Thank you, again, for your wonderful blog. Jane Lenzen

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