Dr. Richard Bernstein Not a Fan of Insulin Pumps

Click for details at DiabetesHealth. Dr. Bernstein is a type 1 diabetic and one of the first users of a home blood glucose monitor. He’s most famous for recommending very-low-carb eating for folks with diabetes, in his book Diabetes Solution. An excerpt from DiabetesHealth:

I spent a month in a major insulin pump center and saw several things. Many of the female patients seemed to have wings on their sides where the pump tubing was inserted and they got lipohypertrophy [overgrown fat tissue] from localized injections, but that was the least of it. None of them actually had remotely normal blood sugars.

5 responses to “Dr. Richard Bernstein Not a Fan of Insulin Pumps

  1. I think these kinds of anecdotal reports are irresponsible. Bernstein gave us this flawed notion that our BG should always be in the 80’s based on his observations of pharma sales people. Not very scientific, no?

    • Since I doubt that you are a type 1 diabetic, why even bother commenting.
      My brother IS a type 1 and also his grand daughter is (who is using a pump), so this information could be something for consideration

    • Hi, Evelyn. I think even Dr. Bernstein would agree that having drug reps set the bar for normal blood sugars is unscientific. When I met with drug reps (until 12 years ago), they were 80% female, between 22 and 30 years old, and superficially appeared to be quite healthy.


  2. Au contraire, a report from Dr. Bernstein is an observation from an expert.

    • Hey, Jim. Dr. Bernstein is a full-time diabetes physician and has been for years. Either he’s a fraud, demented, misguided, or he has a wealth of valuable experience as an expert in diabetes. I think it’s the latter.