“Rich the Diabetic” Is Sold On the Paleo Lifestyle

Click for his testimonial from 2012. Rich is a type 1 diabetic (he uses “diabetic” rather than “person with diabetes”). Rich was influenced by Tom Naughton, Robb Wolf, and Mark Sisson. He dropped his hemoglobin A1c by 2.5 over his first six months of paleo eating. This snippet explains some of his lifestyle changes:

The only thing I changed back in March, was starting to live paleo.  I’ve always worked out regularly, so I’m not really accounting my exercise in this improvement.  I’m probably about 70% paleo overall, but at home I’m 100% paleo.  My home no longer has any processed foods that come in a box, can, or sack.  I buy whole foods (fruits and lots of veggies), a little frozen veggies for convenience and storage time, lots of meat, no dairy, and lots of olive and coconut oil.  I cook a lot now, which means I do a lot more dishes than I want to, but it’s been worth it.

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