Can You Help a Guy Out?

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Guacamole salad

I’m looking for free online paleo recipes. But not just any old recipes.

I need them accompanied with basic nutritional analysis such as digestible or net carb grams, protein grams, fat grams, and calories per serving.

At least net or digestible carbohydrate grams.

I just spent 45 minutes surfing the net and only came up with Catalyst Athletics.

Please share, if you can help me out. If you don’t know of free recipes, how about a book I can buy?


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Potato chicken soup

4 responses to “Can You Help a Guy Out?

  1. Dana Carpender’s book ‘500 Paleo Recipes’ includes nutrition info (she was low carb before paleo and has written some low carb recipe books as well). Blogs – I’m sure I’ve seen one or two. Will comment again if I can recall!

  2. Check out Linda’s site – tons of low carb recipes there.

    • Thanks, Kim. Wow – lots of variety at Linda’s site. And that nutritional analysis is exactly what I’m looking for. A quick scan found several recipes that are paleo-compliant (I just made up that word).