Dr. Eades Attempts to Explain the U.S. Obesity Epidemic

Dr. Michael Eades of Protein Power fame thinks he knows why we’ve gotten fat starting 35 years ago:

Along with carbohydrates, vegetable oils have increased dramatically in the typical American diet. Over the same time period, we’ve all started eating away from home more and more, so that we’ve lost control of exactly what kinds of fats we’ve been eating.

Click the link for the details of his hypothesis, which involves the effects of various dietary fats and carbohydrates on intracellular energy metabolism and insulin resistance.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Even if you think proteins are powerless, my books are made without vegetable oils.

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2 responses to “Dr. Eades Attempts to Explain the U.S. Obesity Epidemic

  1. Dr. Parker, I cannot tell if you agree with Dr. Eades or not. But I will give you the benefit of the doubt since I have never known you to be snarky on any of your blogs. I realize you deal with diabetes patients day in and day out in an area of the country that seems to be seeing ever increasing cases of diabetes, especially type 2. That being said, I have wondered for a while if all the seed oils that are cheap to produce and are used in an increasing amount of processed foods and foods prepared in restaurants, even nicer ones, haven’t taken a toll on our health as a public. I am 58 years old and remember the days of a bacon fat container near our stove and beef tallow for fast food fries, as well as butter. You cannot deny that soy oil is the number one seed oil used in the making of foods that we buy in grocery stores. I mean what if its not the wheat or other so called cellular carbs (whole food carbs) but the ramped up use of these oils that are destroying our health. And Dr. Eades is also correct about folks not cooking at home. People want to do this but with busy lives, its not always possible. The drive through beckons! It is why companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are billion dollar businesses now — it gets folks back in the kitchen with the planning and most of the prep done.

    • Steve Parker

      Cathy, I share your concerns. Thanks for visiting. BTW , I have much respect for Dr. Eades.