Are Beets Good for Diabetes?

From Medical News Today:

A number of studies suggest that beets may be beneficial for people with diabetes. This article takes a closer look at their nutritional properties.

Source: Are Beets Good for Diabetes?

5 responses to “Are Beets Good for Diabetes?

  1. The trouble with this article is its one-size-fits-all approach. Beetroot has 8g carbs per 100g and for many diabetics that is on the high side. I stopped eating beets because it spiked my BGs.

    Also having it in juice form is even worse and even more likely to spike BGs.

  2. Articles like that FAIL in that they don’t address the elephant in the room–impact on blood glucose and insulin levels. If beets raise blood glucose levels too much, the benefits are negated. Beets are very high in carbohydrates, so it’s essential that if you are incorporating beets into your diet you “eat to the meter” and if they cause you a high and prolonged excursion of blood glucose they are not great for YOUR diabetes.

    I make beet kvass, a fermented best beverage. The microbes eat the sugar, I get the benefits. And my meter does not indicate high blood glucose levels from drinking kvass.

  3. but beet greens are tasty…

    • Good news is that the net carbs of beet greens is 4g per 100g compared to net carbs 8g per 100g for the root part of beet. Also beet greens are packed with lots of goodies such as vitamins and minerals.