diaTribe Presents Expert Advice On Pregnancy and Diabetes From Dr. Lois Jovanovič 

Diabetes types 1 and 2 along with gestational diabetes are addressed in this diaTribe interview. For example:

“According to Dr. Jovanovič, it is important to make sure family members understand the importance of reducing carb intake for blood sugar management during pregnancy. She said that grandmas in particular “often think a pregnant lady needs to eat all the time and not only eat all the time, but eat tortillas and rice and pasta. The grandma often cooks and thickens food with starch, puts a lot of noodles in it, etc. Then of course the young woman doesn’t want to disappoint her grandma, and it can be a difficult situation.” Clear communication can help a supportive family provide medically sound support, in line with the mutually desired outcome – a healthy mom and baby!”

Source: Diabetes and Pregnancy: Expert Advice from Pregnancy Guru Dr. Lois Jovanovič | diaTribe

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