“Everything we love to eat is a scam” 

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Free-range bluefin tuna

I thought “langostino” was Spanish for lobster…Guess I’m wrong.

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“Unless your go-to sushi joint is Masa or Nobu, you’re not getting the sushi you ordered, ever, anywhere, and that includes your regular sushi restaurant where you can’t imagine them doing such a thing, Olmsted says. Your salmon is probably fake and so is your red snapper. Your white tuna is something else altogether, probably escolar — known to experts as “the Ex-Lax fish” for the gastrointestinal havoc it wreaks.

Source: Everything we love to eat is a scam | New York Post

3 responses to ““Everything we love to eat is a scam” 

  1. All the more reason to cook at home!

  2. I have never heard of escolar, but will definitely look into it. Sounds troubling to say the least. I have hear about surimi (sp) for a while used for fake crab. It definitely has a not crab taste. Such a shame. Is this just for sushi or what about all the fish counters that are in every local grocery store? I love sushi but don’t eat anything other than the “vegetarian” ones.

  3. Okay, I printed the article and also saved it to my favorites AND watched the little short film at the end of the article about what’s in processed foods and yuck! I am interested to see the olive oil scam mentioned, especially since there are a few diets that prefer olive oil over saturated animal fats. I have heard of the olive oil fakery and have often wondered what you think of it since you are a fan of the Mediterranean diet. I know that Mediterranean peoples also eat meat and cheese as well as depend on olive oil for the fat in their diet. Good article!