Joe Friel on Age-Related Weight Gain

Steve Parker MD

Not Joe Friel

Joe is an endurance athlete and a trainer of the same. His specialty is cycling. Last I heard, he lives in southern Arizona, probably close to me.

Anyway, he wrote a blog post in 2013 about how he tended to gain 10 lb every winter once he hit his 60s, heavier than he wanted to be. Counting calories to lose the weight didn’t work very well for him because of hunger. So he put together a low-carb paleo-style diet that did the trick. And without a loss of athletic performance.

Joe sez:

“The primary change I made was greatly reducing sugar and cutting back on fruit. I used to eat 5 to 7 servings of fruit a day. That’s roughly 600 calories of carbs from fruit, about 20 to 25% of my calories for the day. I now eat less than one serving per day on average. Foods high in fat I now eat a lot more of are olive oil, coconut milk, nuts, nut butter, eggs, avocado, and bacon along with the normal Paleo foods I’ve eaten since 1994 — animal products, especially fish and poultry, and vegetables. Foods high in fat I eat only a little of are dairy products. I avoid as best I can trans fats (“hydrogenated” on the label) and omega 6 oils (for example, soy, peanut, cottonseed, corn, safflower). Both categories are found in almost all processed and packaged foods in the grocery, especially junk foods. I seldom eat grains — probably less than one serving per month. I once used these as recovery foods on an almost daily basis.”

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