You’re Reading a Top 100 Diabetes Blog


A company named Feedspot has judged this blog to be one of the top 100 on diabetes.

How I ranked higher than The Low Carb Diabetic I’ll never understand.

It’s good to get validation now and then!

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: I don’t know Feedspot. If you detect anything scammy or spammy about them, let me know. I’m alway suspicious of Internet awards.

5 responses to “You’re Reading a Top 100 Diabetes Blog

  1. Feedspot is pretty legit, and you should be glad that they put you on their list! Paleo is really the niche to be in currently, as it seems. I tried doing a review on the paleo diet myself on

  2. Feedspot is quite legit, and you should be glad that you’re on their list! Paleo really seems like the right niche to be in currently. Actually I just recently wrote a review of my own experiences with the paleo diet. It can be found here: 🙂

  3. Care needs to be taken with these people.

    Here are some peoples experiences: