Author John C. Wright Converted From Atheism to Christianity at Age 42. Why?

“My conversion was in two parts: a natural part and a supernatural part.

Here is the natural part: first, over a period of two years my hatred toward Christianity eroded due to my philosophical inquiries.

Rest assured, I take the logical process of philosophy very seriously, and I am impatient with anyone who is not a rigorous and trained thinker. Reason is the tool men use to determine if their statements about reality are valid: there is no other. Those who do not or cannot reason are little better than slaves, because their lives are controlled by the ideas of other men, ideas they have not examined.

To my surprise and alarm, I found that, step by step, logic drove me to conclusions no modern philosophy shared, but only this ancient and (as I saw it then) corrupt and superstitious foolery called the Church. Each time I followed the argument fearlessly where it lead, it kept leading me, one remorseless rational step at a time, to a position the Church had been maintaining for more than a thousand years. That haunted me.

Second, I began to notice how shallow, either simply optimistic or simply pessimistic, other philosophies and views of life were.”

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Source: Philosophy, Evidence, and Faith: The Conversion of John C. Wright | Strange Notions

9 responses to “Author John C. Wright Converted From Atheism to Christianity at Age 42. Why?

  1. Yes, well Wright will be much more welcome in the Church since he isn’t much welcome anywhere else. Perhaps he’ll settle down. He needs the discipline the Church provides one of which is to shut up. Sometimes.

  2. What has this got to do with the Paleo Diet?

    I’m a Christian and quite often slip that fact in if it’s appropriate. It’s not appropriate here and in any case this article is enough to put off anyone becoming a Christian. It’s full of as one commentator on the article said:

    ” insults, name-calling and lavish self-adulation.” In that regards there seems to be very little difference between redneck Christians and redneck Atheists.

    If people want to convert others then do it quietly by example – not name calling and self adulation.

  3. Oh I couldn’t care less about atheists. Most of them are a pretty odious bunch but Wright’s arrogance and self adulation is just breathtaking.

  4. The reason some atheists are obnoxious is the same as why some religious people are obnoxious — they can’t stop arguing their point. I think we need another term to describe people who don’t necessarily believe or not believe, they’re people who don’t give a sh one way or the other.

  5. Yes most atheists have more in common with religious fundamentalists then they realise!