Eat Nuts to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Years

Remember…peanuts aren’t nuts, they’re legumes

Nuts are a staple of most paleo diets, including mine.

From NPR:

Eating a handful of almonds, walnuts, peanuts or any type of nut on a regular basis may help prevent excessive weight gain and even lower the risk of obesity, new research suggests.

It may be that substituting healthy nuts for unhealthy snacks is a simple strategy to ward off the gradual weight gain that often accompanies aging, according to the researchers. Nuts also help us feel full longer, which might offset cravings for junk food.Researchers looked at the diet and weight of more than 280,000 adults taking part in three long-term research studies. Over more than 20 years of monitoring, participants were asked every four years about their weight and, among other things, how often, over the preceding year, they had eaten a serving (about one ounce) of nuts.

Source: Just A Handful Of Nuts May Help Keep Us From Packing On The Pounds As We Age : The Salt : NPR

Steve Parker, M.D.

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2 responses to “Eat Nuts to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Years

  1. Hmm. Best strategy is to avoid snacking altogether or at least only occasionally.

    There seems to be this fear amongst the so called professionals that if they tell the truth (eg snacking of any kind will hinder weight loss and might even cause weight gain) that the people will not take any action at all.

    This is not only patronising but could be dangerous. As a T2 Diabetic I often hear from fellow T2s things such as “Well the doctor says it’s ok to eat porridge and bananas that are not over ripe.” I then ask them have they ever tested themselves two hours after eating such carb heavy food and most time they say no – many even saying they don’t test at all!

    So maybe it’s best to ditch snacking except for the odd treat. Your body will thank you for it.