Dr Georgia Ede: Six Reasons to Go Paleo for Mental Health

paleobetic diet

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From Dr Ede at Psychology Today:

If you are living with a mental health problem of any kind, there are many dietary strategies you can use to try to address the root causes of your symptoms, and the so-called paleo diet is an excellent place to start for just about everyone.

Dr Ede, what’s the evidence for your proposal?

I am not aware of any clinical studies testing the effects of a paleo-style diet on mental health, but in my nutrition consultation service, I have witnessed significant improvements, particularly in certain individuals with depression, anxiety, and ADHD; and I am not alone. Cutting-edge nutritional psychiatrists who recommend paleo style diets include Ann Childers MD in Oregon, Ignacio Cuaranta MD in Argentina, Emily Deans MD in Massachusetts and Kelly Brogan MD in New York.

Read the full article for her nutrition-based justifications.

Source: Six Reasons to Go Paleo for Mental Health | Psychology Today

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