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Alan Aragon Jumps On the Anti-Paleo Bandwagon

Click for a slide set of a presentation by Alan Aragon given last month. The overall tone is anti-paleo. I file the link here for future reference.

One of his key points is that humans have been eating grains (and legumes) for much longer than many in the paleosphere think. That may indeed be true, but it’s difficult to imagine them eating them in the large and year-round quantities we do today. Same for industrial seed oils.

Also, Alan has no problem with our current high omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio and overall omega-6 FA consumption. I think the jury’s still out on those. 

Otherwise, Alan makes some good points and slays a few straw men.

I was surprised to see photos of Sisson and Wolf supplements.


h/t non-paleo Melissa McEwan