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Deer Rifles

Arizona hunters wear camouflage

I’ve been researching rifles for deer hunting.

The most popular calibers are .308 and .30-06.  These two are essentially equivalent.  The .30-06 may have a bit more “oomph.”  The .308 may be a slightly more accurate.  I lean toward the .308. And I’m hearing very good things about a newer round, the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Most deer hunters use a scope rather than iron sites these days.

A traditional wood stock appeals to me.  The alternative is a synthetic stock, such as molded plastic.  The latter are cheaper by one or two hundred U.S. dollars.

These are in the running for my choice:

I looked at Kimber, Mossberg, and Marlin websites and didn’t see anything that appealed to me.  Nevertheless, they’re popular.  Remington 700s have a huge following—the military M40 is based on it—but I’m concerned after seeing a documentary accusing them of deadly or disabling misfires.

Any thoughts?


Updated Dec 9, 2020