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Food Psychologist Mary Pritchard, Ph.D., Has Mixed Views on Paleo Diet

Overall, she doesn’t care much for it. Details are in her column at Psychology Today. A snippet:

Should you do the Paleo Diet? If it gets you off of processed foods, you might give it a try in the short term. It’s probably not worth doing over the long haul, though, as it has too much fat and protein and too little carbohydrates (especially whole grains) to be practical or healthy for most people.

Trust me, I’m a doctor: Nearly everybody can live a long healthy life without whole grains.

If you have kidney impairment, follow your doctor’s and dietitian’s advice on protein intake; they may or may not advise limitations. Otherwise, higher-than-average protein isn’t a problem. Fat contents of paleo diets are all over the map, and it turns out saturated fat isn’t a significant cause of heart disease anyway.

I suspect Dr. Pritchard didn’t spend quite enough time researching for her article. The commenters (11 thus far) do a fair job rebutting her inaccuracies.

Read the whole thing.

Steve Parker, M.D.