Avoid Drug Toxicity By Eschewing Drugs

David Mendosa over at Diabetes Developments writes about avoiding diabetes drug toxicity with low-carb eating.  Amen, brother.

Steve Parker, M.D.

2 responses to “Avoid Drug Toxicity By Eschewing Drugs

  1. Vivian Manning

    The amen chorus here. 5 years after a T2 diagnosis, I continue to control my blood sugar without meds, using low carb paleo and exercise (walking and weight-lifting). It may not work for all T2 – I was lucky to be diagnosed very early in the progress of the condition – but it has worked for me and many others. I would strongly recommend that it at least be given a try before turning to medication.

  2. Vivian, your story is inspirational. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your approach won’t work for all T2’s. My sense is that pancreas beta cell function in quite a few cases is gradually lost, and after a certain point of no return, it’s difficult or impossible to control it without drugs. I mention this so folks don’t feel like personal failures if they have to take drugs.

    I also think that early in the course of many cases, the illness can be controlled or progression halted (perhaps even reversed) with 1) loss of excess weight, 2) regular exercise, and 3) carbohydrate-restricted eating.