Does Exercise Help With Weight Loss?


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Skyler Tanner slaughters some sacred cows in his blog post June 4, 2012. I pulled the following bullet points from his post. Click on his embedded links for details.

Comparing the effects of food and exercise on weight loss, what you eat, and how much, are more important than your physical activity.  By far.

  • Your genetics largely determines your response to an exercise program
  • Physical activity isn’t a great way to lose weight
  • School-based or other programs to increase childhood physical activity probably won’t reverse childhood obesity statistics
  • Disregarding weight loss, exercise has other worthwhile metabolic advantages
  • Highly advanced societies shouldn’t blame our overweight problem on decreased levels of physical activity

Steve Parker, M.D.

4 responses to “Does Exercise Help With Weight Loss?

  1. I am not agree with you. Exercises is the key factor in losing weight. Along with diet you have to do exercises for healthy weight loss.