Evelyn Says There Is No “Paleo Diet”

I’ve heard the same comment about the Mediterranean diet.

Evelyn at Carbsane Asylum writes about the new Swedish paleo-style weight-loss and metabolic study.  An excerpt:

Which leaves us where?  I exchanged tweets with Robb Wolf regarding this study.   He seemed no more hopeful that “paleo” would be defined in the clinical trial realm than it is in practiced.  Which makes the label all the more confusing and, IMO, ultimately meaningless.

Here’s the weight-loss study of 10 post-menopausal women.

3 responses to “Evelyn Says There Is No “Paleo Diet”

  1. the diet did exclude grains, dairy and legumes. In terms of neolithic agents of disease exclusion it was paleo except that there was a choice between olive oil (paleo) and canola (not). In terms of inclusion of paleo staples, it was not so hot.

  2. I still like Kurt Harris’ philosophical and practical treatment of the question “what is a paleo diet” the best: http://www.archevore.com/panu-weblog/2011/3/30/paleo-20-a-diet-manifesto.html

  3. Emily, I totally agree with your support of Kurt and his guidelines. Just because he has lapsed in posting on his blog does not detract from the relevance of his information and recommendations. Almost perfect advice.