Once Again, There Is No “Paleo Diet”

David Despain, reports on “The Evolution of Human Nutrition” meeting of December, 2012.  Example:

Want to eat a diet that mimics that of our Paleolithic ancestors? It might be a little more complicated than what the popular books say.

The fact is, there was never one Paleo Diet; it’s more likely there were hundreds of them and that they were continually changing and broadening over evolutionary time.

That was the overarching message of an impressive lineup of experts on ancient human diets at a symposium entitled “The Evolution of Human Nutrition” organized by the Center of Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA) at UC San Diego on December 7, 2012.

Read the rest.  David has embedded some videos made at the symposium.

3 responses to “Once Again, There Is No “Paleo Diet”

  1. I often feel that the label “Paleo” invites misinterpretation anyway. Sure, there’s no one Paleo diet in the same way that there really isn’t any standard modern diet.

    Maybe we just need a different label for the concept. Then we can be rid of that stock photo of the dude with the raw steak hanging out of his mouth.