Anastasia on Resistant Starch

Primalmeded physician Anastasia has started a series on resistant starch. I’m still trying to get the definition into my thick skull. Anastasia offers this one:

The official website named – An Information Portal for Health Professionals (don’t you wish that broccoli had an official website?), gives us this definition:

”Resistant starch is the sum of starch and products of starch digestion not absorbed in the small intestine of healthy individuals”

It is also classified as the third type of fibre (together with soluble and insoluble) by several health agencies, including Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, and its MO [modus operandi] is to bypass the normal absorption process in the small intestine straight to the colon where it is fermented by colonic bacteria (which also makes it a “prebiotic”).

Read the whole enchilada.


One response to “Anastasia on Resistant Starch

  1. Anastasia is dead-wrong in her assumption that RS is not needed. She has been jaded by the health claims made by National Starch, makers of Hi-Maize resistant starch. They want Hi-Maize in every baked good and say it will lead to amazing health.

    Her total dismissal of all things RS are way of course, though. RS can be found in natural foods and should be sourced this way. She was wise to question Hi-Maize, but not to dismiss the actual health benefits of RS, many which are aimed at diabetics!

    here is a study for you to look at and see what I mean. RS can be found in ample quantity in simple potato starch!

    Click to access 647.full.pdf