Paleo Diet Might Kill You

…according to SiliconIndia News. How does it kill? Lack of carbs, apparently.

Of course this is utter nonsense.

The Alcorexia diet (#5 on list of diet killers) is more likely to be lethal. Alcorexia’s a new one for me.

4 responses to “Paleo Diet Might Kill You

  1. “…it is said to have complications …” Said by who, what?

  2. There is a sense in which carbohydrate may be required in human nutrition as a regulator of
    fasting blood sugar. Some experimenters with nutritional ketosis report when they take carb
    level very low, fasting blood sugar goes wildly high, but with a minimal addition of
    carbohydrate while still maintaining ketosis, fasting blood sugar normalizes.