Jamie Scott Reflects On His Boulder, CO, Trip

Living in the U.S. and not being an international traveler, I’m interested in how foreigners perceive the U.S.  Jamie Scott (from New Zealand) was recently in Boulder, CO, for the Ancestral Health Symposium. Parts of this trip he loved, but others, not so much:

“Let’s put this bluntly – we HATE travelling inside America.  The best way to describe it is dehumanising.  From the time you set foot on American soil, you never feel welcome. You are herded, yelled at, scolded, and glared at.  San Francisco is generally a much better entry point than LAX, but it is still terrible.

I always arrive with the intention of treating everyone doing their job like a human being, but by the time I was through immigration and heading toward the TSA screening for our connecting flight to Denver, I was seriously needing to bite my tongue.  It didn’t matter whether it was the person checking our baggage through, the person checking our passports at TSA, or the cabin crew on our flight – not a single one had the ability to acknowledge you as a human being in front of them.  Even the armed guard checking tickets on our train ride from downtown Denver to the airport left us feeling barked at and interrogated.”

Source: In Thin Air | re|evolutionary

In case you don’t know it, Boulder has little resemblance to the rest of the U.S.

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