Tom Naughton Eviscerates S. Andrikopoulos

Sof Andrikopoulos recently criticized the paleo diet as being unfit for folks with diabetes. Tom disagrees. For example:

“Andrikopoulos isn’t exactly a common name, yet it sounded familiar.  So I searched the blog.  Sure enough, I wrote a post about the Aussie perfesser back in February after he produced a study purporting to demonstrate that a paleo diet will makes us fat and sick.  I say purporting because the (ahem) “study” was on mice … and the “paleo” diet tripled the furry little subjects’ sugar intake, provided all their protein in the form of casein (just like yer average paleo diet, eh?) and increased their normal fat intake by 2567 percent – with much of the fat coming from canola oil.  Yup, sounds exactly like my paleo diet.”

Source: Fat Head » This Is Why So Many Australians Have Diabetes


2 responses to “Tom Naughton Eviscerates S. Andrikopoulos

  1. The “perfesser” is a typical example of a kind of academic who is quite happy for truth to be the first casualty when they want to pursue their onw narrow vision on what is a “good” diet.

    I’m neither for or against Paleo in the general sense but for me the Paleo is mostly a no no because many of the recipes have too many carbs in them (or at least in the Paleo books I have).

    Also a low carb high fat makes me GAIN weight but that’s just me. My problem is that in many cases the proponents of the Paleo are just as fanatical as the antis and don’t seem to understand that a diet is just a tool and what we diabetics have to do is find which tool or combinations of tools work the best.

    In other words as I’ve said before – EAT TO YOUR METER!

    In other words make up your own diet, don’t put your lives in “experts” hands whether they be pro or anti Paleo.

  2. You make a lot of sense, Frank.