Jamie Scott On the New Zealand Heart Foundation Paleo Diet Trial


Good thing she had a spear with her

“Do not adjust your set. And no, it isn’t April 1st.  The New Zealand Heart Foundation dietitians and nutritionists are giving Paleo a go.

It what sees me channeling the ghost of That Paleo Guy, I feel compelled to write a bit of a critique about their experiment, and their assumptions and starting points.  But to be clear before anything else, I do applaud the openness of the Heart Foundation to be giving this a go.

My first post to this blog outlined my reasons for largely divorcing myself from the term “Paleo” as a heuristic for how to navigate the very messy and confusing food environments we are faced with in our modern societies.  Subsequent posts have touched on why the paradigm made sense in the first place, and on some of the things we have taken issue with as the concept has grown in the public consciousness.”

Read the whole thing.

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